For juniors, the way to size a stick is to put the head of the stick on the floor between their feet and then the end of the stick can go anywhere up to their belly button. Ideally, a stick when it is correctly sized for that particular moment in time, the end of the stick will sit somewhere between the hip bone and the belly button. If parents of players are coming in early, let’s say in July or August and they’re worried that their children, the young players, might grow out of the stick before the season starts or halfway through the season then size comes up pretty close to the belly button or even over the top of the belly button.

Once a young player goes up into a 36.5” they are into an adult length stick so when the belly button is 36.5” off the floor they can use a 36.5”
stick and they can go into adult specification sticks if they want to.

Once a player goes beyond the length of using a 36.5” then it becomes a personal preference. It is not necessary to move up a length of stick as you get further above 36.5”.  It’s very much personal preference. Yes, a longer stick gives you an inch more reach, yes it makes it easier to tackle
at distance and yes it gives you an inch more leverage when you are hitting / slapping the ball but it also creates an extra inch of lever that creates weight and that means that if the player isn’t strong enough to move the end of a longer stick, then it can be detrimental to their performance. So its very much about going out and testing it and seeing if it feels correct. If in doubt, a 36.5” is going to be right for the majority of bigger junior players and adult players. There’s very little need to go into a 38.5” or a 39”.