1) Start by removing the old or damaged grip form the stick.
2) Then start at the top of your stick. Place the grip and secure it;s end with tape. Some grips come with their end cut diagonally. If yours is not cut you can cut part of it diagonally using scissors.
3) Make the first overlap, a complete circle from where you had started.
4) After the first overlap, diagonally bend your grip slightly then start overlapping. You must ensure the grip overlaps correctly.
5) Keep pulling the grip tightly and pressing it with your thumb to ensure it is consistent and tight. No bubbles. This will help in keeping it from slipping.
6) Continue with the process to the end of the original grip. Again, you can decide how you want it to end. Cut the end diagonally and finish. Secure ends, top and bottom with tape. This will ensure that the grip remains in position and will not slip.
7) Your stick is now ready for play!