Since leaving the European Union, taxes on orders from us have changed.

All orders delivered to European Countries will now have 20% UK Tax automatically removed at the checkout. But instead of paying tax in the UK, you now have to pay tax to your Government prior to delivery at the tax rate applicable in your country. If you will contacted by the courier who will collect the payment. As every European country has different tax rates and thresholds, it is impossible for us to know what this will be so we recommend checking on your Government's website prior to ordering. However, most counties have a similar rate to the UK so the overall cost of your order in this respect should be about the same as before Brexit. Delivery times are not currently being affected and most orders are still delivered within 3 working days when choosing DHL.

However, we are finding that many European Countries are also charging a handling fee to collect this tax. Again, this varies from Country to Country but it tends to be around 17.50 Euros per order (for Netherlands, France, Spain etc). We have heard that certain Countries, such as Italy, are imposing a higher fee than this, so again we recommend checking your Government's policy on this prior to ordering. Please note, these charges are not made by the courier and are not part of the shipping cost. The courier is simply collecting these on behalf of your Government. Once they have been paid, there is no way of claiming them back, for example, in the case of a return.